Hello, I'm Alex Moss. Online Marketer, SEO Consultant and WordPress Developer

I am the Director of a Manchester SEO Agency called FireCask based in the heart of Manchester, also specialising in WordPress development. I am also the Co-Founder of Peadig, a WordPress framework based on Bootstrap 3.

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What I do...

Freelance SEO

SEO has evolved over the past ten years, and I've been there to witness it.

SEO is now a part of a larger online marketing strategy and emcompasses a lot of tasks from on-site optimisation such as content and coding to off-site tasks such as digital outreach and social media marketing.. My work is completely ethical to Google's guidelines and am proud not to have been responsible for any penalty for any of my clients.

Web & WordPress Development

I have been developing with PHP for over 10 years, and have been specialising in WordPress development as soon as I laid my eyes on it.

I specialise in WordPress SEO and develop several WordPress plugins. After building a couple of websites using WordPress, I realised that it was definitely the best CMS around, capable of just about anything! As I built more sites, I started to immerse myself in developing some plugins. Less than a year on I have now built several popular plugins including Twitter Feed and Facebook Comments. Why not view all of my WordPress plugins available for download?


Over the years I have written numerous blog posts covering subjects from SEO and WordPress to Business Efficiency and Education.

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Current Projects

FireCask I'm Director of an Online Marketing and SEO Agency in Manchester, UK.

I am the Director of FireCask, a digital agency specialising in online marketing, WordPress development and creative content marketing. We have worked with all kinds of businesses small to large. Client include 123Reg, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Expedia EAN, Downtown in Business and Global Integration.



PeadigI'm the Co-Founder of Peadig, a WordPress Theme Framework

Peadig combines the power of WordPress with the versatile Bootstrap 3 framework so you can create, develop on, and tweak your WordPress site with ease. Whether you’ve never used WordPress before, or you’re an advanced developer, the Peadig framework is one the simplest and most sophisticated available.

What Others Say About Me

Alex is a thought leader on WordPress and search, he has the experience, tools, technique and team to devise a winning marketing strategy for your business. I have personally relied on Alex as a sounding board for many of our SEO projects and he has always delivered.

Phil MacKechnie
Head of Organic Performance at Moneysupermarket.com

Alex is without doubt one of the UK's best known experts in the field of Wordpress development, having produced outstanding work for us here at Expedia Affiliate Networks - and furthermore having published some of the best plugins we use on our corporate site.

Martin MacDonald
Director of Inbound Marketing at Expedia EAN

Alex is an extremely knowledgeable search professional, and his insight has been valuable when creating our best practice reports and content for the blog. Alex has contributed to Econsultancy's SEO Best Practice Guide, as well as being available to offer insightful comment on the latest trends in the industry.

Graham Charlton
Editor in Chief at Econsultancy

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Articles I've written

I write articles in various publications. Below is a list of all posts written by me. I try to keep this as updated as possible.

Title Publication Date Published
Six customer service lessons for @British_Airways Econsultancy 18th July 2014
Dentists and the web: 5 actionable tips to improve your online exposure GDPUK 14th July 2014
First Steps Performing A Mobile SEO Audit WooRank 16th April 2014
How To Make The Perfect Cuppa

Featured on Buzzfeed's homepage, and attracted over 13,000 views.

Buzzfeed 21st March 2014
YouTube: The Viral Perspective Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Roland: Developing Personas – B2C in a B2B World Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
MoneySuperMarket.com: A Blueprint for SEO Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
YouTube: Advertising Redefined Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
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Dell: Your Workforce as Social Brand Ambassadors Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Lenovo: Will Data Save the CMO? Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Heineken: Social Media Since 1873 Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Nokia's Digital Transformation Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
GEOX: 7 Days of Rain Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
KLM: Service is Sales Optimize Your Web for RIMC14 28th March 2014
Interview with Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little
WordPress: How It Came To Be And Where It's Heading

I interviewed both Founders of WordPress for Smashing Magazine.

Smashing Magazine 21st February 2014
Key takeaways from the Web Summit 2013 Econsultancy 18th November 2013
Econsultancy SEO Best Practice Guide

I wrote the chapter on Mobile SEO and Technical On-Site Auditing.

Econsultancy 16th January 2014
Key takeaways from the Web Summit 2013 Econsultancy 18th November 2013
123Reg Launch the Content Hub

This post was the official release of the new 123Reg blog, developed by me.

123Reg 9th September 2013
5 Tips on Dealing With Small Budget Search Clients Search Engine Watch 6th September 2013
Free WordPress Plugins: Respect the Author Search Engine Watch 12th July 2013
How to Choose Trustworthy WordPress Themes & Plugins Search Engine Watch 26th June 2013
10 Essential WordPress Plugins to Improve SEO & Usability

This post was one of the top 10 most shared posts for SEW in 2013

Search Engine Watch 17th July 2013
Twitter #music: the marriage between music and social interaction The Guardian 25th April 2013
Does Education Need to Accommodate More for Careers in Digital? Huffington Post 24th April 2013
5 Basic Tips to Improve WordPress for SEO and the User Experience Search Engine Watch 19th April 2013
Free WordPress Plugins: Respect the Author Search Engine Watch 12th July 2013
RIMC 2013: Tools of the Trade State of Digital 22nd March 2013
RIMC 2013: The PC is Dead. Long Live Mobile... & the Tablet! State of Digital 22nd March 2013
RIMC 2013: Site Architecture the Right Way – Shari Thurow State of Digital 21st March 2013
RIMC 2013: Duane Forrester – First Keynote State of Digital 21st March 2013
Learning from your Worst Client: Friends and Family paddymoogan.com 18th Feruary 2013
Use Google Docs to Manage your Digital Projects, from Freelance to Large Agency

This post was upgraded to the main Moz blog

Moz 11th February 2013
The value of rich snippets and structured data Econsultancy 30th January 2013
The Changing Face of SEO UKFast 30th December 2012
Is the rel="author" tag becoming more integrated into organic SERPs? Econsultancy 6th August 2012
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